About Us

My name is Ericka Windless-Harmon, owner and creator of Windless Creations. I am a wife, mother, health coach, and Herbalife distributor. I decided to become a weight-loss champion, having spent years being that person who wanted desperately to lose weight, become healthy, and feel good about themselves. I've been on every diet under the sun, and my weight fluctuated massively. After having a baby in 2018 and 2020, I reached an all-time high of 283 pounds. After getting married in February 2021 and looking back at my photos, I couldn't believe who I had become. I started this journey not just to look good in photos but also to ensure I could actively participate in my children's lives. With two toddlers and a nine-year-old, I know life can be hectic and challenging to dedicate time to work out. I've given every excuse in the past as to why I couldn't make the time. Now, I'm using my experiences to assist other women achieve the same goal of getting healthy. My goal is to assist women with being healthy, losing weight, and gaining lean muscle tone. My biggest inspiration is my religion and being a healthy mom. I enjoy walking, jumping rope, and step workouts. As a Muslimah, I believe we are unstoppable when we are modest and uphold our traditions and teachings. Start now! Enjoy the benefits of a healthy body, mind, and soul for this word and the hereafter.